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There is no point of having a fancy looking website where no one can find you. Professional Search Engine Optimization is what is needed to make you the first company users see when there intent is buying. Beating your competition in the Google Rankings requires more than links and keyword optimization. A concrete strategy and team need to continuously manage the site to get top results.

If you are looking to dominate all search engines for your specific keywords, then talk to us about your current strategy and what you want to achieve.

Before planning a strategy and executing it, all SEO problems that are ruining your rankings and allowing your competitors get ahead need to be identified. When we perform an audit, we look at the code, content, backlinks and review the competition and decide what approach to take. Many people will just use a free "SEO Analyzer" tool as their auditing but bare in mind that these are often very limited. Our team use a range of paid "SEO tools" after we have performed a professional audit to ensure all bases have been covered.

If you know a small amount about SEO, you will know that the links your site receives is a big factor in the search results. A great quote from Google themselves is that "a link from a site is regarded as a vote for the quality of your site". The important part of disavowing links is removing the correct ones. I've heard horror stories of people simply removing all of their links and starting clean. This has simply wiped out their Off Page SEO when there was no actual need. Only remove links that are damaging such as spam or Black Hat style links.

99% of the time the clients we take on have major keywords within their field that they are yet to target. We ensure that these are not missed and optimize all keywords within the companies niche. Using tools such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, SEM Rush and more, we are able to find untapped keywords to use to your advantage.

Many SEO agencies will not touch the technical side of things. Technical SEO can be in the form of mobile rendering, server and page errors in webmaster tools, SSL certificate installations, page speed, structured data and much more. Poor Technical SEO can cause havoc. A popular error that I see on websites is how Google renders the Javascript or CSS and this subsequently shows in the search engine results. Google have announced the Mobile First Index, which will mean all sites will be indexed via their mobile site as opposed to their desktop site. Failing to have correct SEO for both version will see a drop in rankings. Are you ready for the Mobile First Index yet?

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

Your “Normal SEO” is much different to “Local SEO” with more factors that come into play such as business signals, location and more. This is all on top of the Normal SEO.

If you are a business in Sydney(As an example), you will want to be seen from all aspect of Google’s local search. These come in the form of:

  • Google My Business Page with details
  • Google Reviews and stars within the search results
  • Location and structured data within search results

.. and more.

Competition within the local search terms in built up areas can be particularly fierce. If you have not setup the three main Google functions above as a minimum, you will be struggling. A large number of our clients are within the Sydney area and we’ve had great success across a wide range of different niches.

Measuring SEO Success

If you are not tracking SEO strategies, how can you tell if they are working? Metrics such as search engine share, referrals, CTR, bounce rates and more are so important for measuring SEO success. It is critical that the tracking of strategies is carried out as frequent as possible. From using Google Analytics to Webmaster Tools, these provide all the metrics that will give you the confidence that the current strategy is working.

Google Penalties and Algorithm Updates

A massive drop in website visitors and rankings will usually mean your website has been hit with a penalty or algorithm update. We are following Google and the top SEO guys for the latest updates on a daily basis. This means we are ready and armed to deal with any algorithm updates or penalties for any site.

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We are professionals with regards to internet marketing and carrying out SEO strategies that work. We are an SEO company that are passionate with any SEO work and put as much effort as if it were our very own website. Get in touch today for a FREE SEO Quote to boost your Google Rankings and Brand Growth. If you are looking to increase visitors to your site straight away, Pay Per Click Marketing is the alternative method.